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Silk, Gunpowder, Printing and the Compass are among the great Chinese Inventions that have altered the course of history. But of all China’s contributions to modern civilization, the most popular is Chinese food, enjoyed in restaurants and homes in every nook and corner of the globe. The reason for the enduring worldwide popularity of Chinese food begins with the cornucopia of unique ingredients, plus subtle or emphatic sauces and seasonings that are partnered.
Transforming this variety of ingredients into memorable works of culinary art is just what our Team of Chinese Chefs lead by Master Chef HUASHENG MO are best at.
At TSING TAO every dish must meet three major criteria appearance, fragrance and flavor. The other considerations are texture, the health giving properties of the food and it’s auspicious connotations. This purpose in mind all our seafood, meat and vegetables, are purchased daily to ensure freshness and taste. Transformation and interplay of these basics when combined with different seasonings, allows for the endless variety at TSING TAO.

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