Create your online store
with RetailGenius!

Everything you need to sell online.

We take away the hassles of selling online,
so you can focus on growing your business.

An attractive online store.

Your online store is the face of your business. We'll provide you customizable themes so you can look good for your customers on any device. It's fun, simple, and doesn't need any code to work!

Easy store management.

It's BETTER than selling on any Social Network! Get notified about your customers' purchases instantly, and keep track of pending and fulfilled orders.

Flexible payments & deliveries.

Create your own payment methods to accept VISA, MasterCard, Bank deposits or cash-on-delivery transactions. Approve orders and schedule deliveries with any of our partners!

RetailGenius anywhere!

Sell on Facebook and other sites while keeping your store's look! Your customers can buy from you without leaving those platforms so you can be wherever they are.

Manage everything
all in one dashboard.

Inventory Management

We save you the trouble from answering your customers' questions. Our dashboard allows you to provide all information needed ranging from prices, stocks, color and size variants and more.

Reports and Analytics

No need to have paper, pen, and calculator in hand. We give you the tools to keep tab on your sales. You can get monthly and daily updates of your sales with just a few clicks.

Customer Profile

Learn more about your customers and their shopping profiles. Knowing their buying behavior is a valuable tool that can give you insight on how to improve your services further.

Built-In Marketing

Entice customers to buy more by setting coupon codes, promo prices, and discount engines on your online store. We'll give you the tools to share your promos on social sites to attract even more customers.

RetailGenius.com helped
me improve and develop my business

I think the most unique value of the platform is that its all-in-one and it made everything so easy. Conversing with customers actually took too much of my time to the point that half of my day would be spent just answering questions and emails. Everything changed when we started using RetailGenius.com I am also happy that I the online store in customizable, easily accessible/ usable on mobiles. I'd totally recommend RetailGenius.com to others.


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