Buyer Confidence

Get New Buyer Confidence

No need to bother COD!
Buyers will feel safe thanks to the facility to shop your product FREE Joint Account of RetailGenius.
Automatic Payment Verification

Automatic Payment Verification

You can focus on the development of your online business, without having to be bothered with complicated Verification of Payments Manual and the risk of error. Verification of the payment is done automatically by SequaPay.

Linked to Various Logistics

No more need to reply to the message about the cost of postage! Your online store is now connected to one of the largest logistics in Sri Lanka.
Linked to Various Logistics

Fixed prices

Price is just right, the seller does not need to bother negotiating prices. Sellers can focus on serving the prospective buyers are serious.


Sellers can determine the minimum purchase with various discounts as seller specifies or offered by banks.
Fixed prices
The Largest Merchandise

The Largest Merchandise!

As the largest online mall in Sri Lanka, RetailGenius is visited by millions of visitors that could potentially be a potential buyer in your online store. With a personal online store which is beautiful and elegant, your online store brand became more known!

Free and Commission-Free Sales!

Already have an Online Shop? Open a branch of its course in RetailGenius. Risk-free, because everything is Free! Even the commission-free sales!
 Free and Commission-Free Sales

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Strengthen your brand online shop with a storefront that is cool and professional as thousands of store / online shop who have joined us
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