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Massage Pillow with Heat

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Massage Pillow With Heat price in Sri Lanka is LKR 5,148.00 from Easyhome on Buy Supplements & Other Gym Accessories online at lowest price.

Product description of Massage Pillow with Heat

Drivers who make long journeys, during which the neck muscles are particularly strained, will appreciate the benefit of a pillow-massager MJY-818. Cushion Massager relaxes the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. Function massage stimulates the flow of blood to the head, which removes the feeling of fatigue and a tendency to sleep, invigorates and raises the tone. Easy actuated cushion massager to automatically change the direction of the rollers during the 15-minute cycle will help eliminate discomfort in the neck and relax your neck muscles, in addition, allow the effective use of the time spent in traffic jams, and during periods of short-term rest in the trip.

Specially designed ergonomic design and the adapter works as 220V and cigarette lighter, making a pillow massager indispensable companion on long journeys by car.

Massage cushion Massage Pillow MJY-818 - one of the most successful models of massage pillow, produced at the moment. Stylish, ergonomic design with a spectacular illumination, high efficiency combined with a high variability of massage programs, doing massage cushion comfortable and pleasant to use anywhere.

The massage cushion built 4 massage roller, which in combination with infrared provide deep tissue massage, effectively relieve muscle tension, fatigue, improve microcirculation, relieve stiff neck syndrome. The massage rollers are rotated automatically, giving you a genuine, deep, nor with the incomparable feeling of relaxation and pampering.

After 15 minutes of massage pillow is automatically turned off, so you do not need to control the duration of the procedure

Suitable for:

    Computer users
    Office workers
    People with neck, shoulder or back pain due to long-time use of arms
    People with muscle fatigue and pull due to excessive exercise
    Elderly people with poor blood circulation in the back



    Relieve shoulder pain due to stiff neck during sleep.
    Relieve pain due to chronic blood circulation problems.
    Relieve fatigue due to excessive exercise.
    Relax tense muscle.
    Helps relieve stress.


For Optimum Results:

    Use the product 2~3 times per day, 5~15 minutes per use, to alleviate back pain.
    People operating computers or using arms for long periods of time can use it for 5~15 minutes to relax back muscles, promote blood circulation in the back and prevent injury of back muscle.
    The product is equipped with a temperature protection device. When the temperature exceeds safety limits, the machine will stop operating automatically. Please unplug the power supply for cooling before using it again.
    Please have a cup of warm water after using the product to enhance metabolism

The benefits of massage cushion c infrared heating:

- It relaxes the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back.

- Relieves fatigue.

- Raises the general tone.

- Eliminates drowsiness.

- Ergonomic design.

- 4 massage roller.

- Infrared radiation.

- Auto Power Off 15 minutes.


Power supply: DC 12 V, AC adapter AC 220 V, 50 Hz / DC 12 V, 2.0 A.

Power consumption: no more than 25 watts.

Continuous working time: 15 minutes.

The range of allowable air temperature 5 ° C-40 ° C.

The permissible level of humidity: <80%.

Dimensions: 32h18h12 see.

Black color.


- Massage pillow.

- Power Adapter from the "cigarette lighter" of the car.

- Adapter for mains 220V.

- User's manual.

- Packing box.

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