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Crytek's hardware-melting shooter returns as gamer once again don the high-tech nano suit of seasoned soldier Prophet to battle aliens and agents of the corrupt Cell Corporation in Crysis 3. The action returns to New York City, but things have changed drastically in the two decades since the events of Crysis 2. The once bustling metropolis has been encased by a nano dome, slicing the Big Apple into different zones known as the Seven Wonders, and turning once popular attractions like 5th Avenue, Midtown, and Wall Street into rain forests, grassy fields, and desolate canyons.
Combat in Crysis 3 remains varied, with players using their nano suit's special abilities to assess any potential danger, blend into surroundings, leap high into the air, sprint away from foes, perform stealth kills, or engage in melee combat. The suit can be upgraded and enhanced in a variety of ways as gamer make their way through the single-player campaign, with each of the seven zones offering new challenges and demanding different tactics. Players can also take down foes with a variety of advanced weaponry, including the stealthy Predator bow, the 500-round-per-second Typhoon, and even alien armaments.
Multiplayer remains a big part of Crysis 3, with up to 16 PC gamer competing or teaming up to battle on a dozen open maps. There are eight distinct modes, including the King-of-the-Hill-like Crash Site mode, and the new Hunter mode, in which two permanently cloaked hunters attempt to kill the other 14 participants before they can escape the map. Players can customize their weapons and nano suit upgrades, and the New York Feed lets gamers see what their friends have accomplished and offers custom, skill-based achievements.

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