8 Pcs Magic Hose Set 15 Meter For Car Wash large 1

8 Pcs Magic Hose Set 15 Meter For Car Wash

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8 Pcs Magic Hose Set 15 Meter For Car Wash price in Sri Lanka is LKR 4,367.03 from Easyhome on RetailGenius.com. Buy Cleaners online at lowest price.

Product description of 8 Pcs Magic Hose Set 15 Meter For Car Wash

Description:Easy to store, portable and light weight Made from a tough, multi-layered expandable inner hose. Great for patios, gardens, cars and more.Absolutely will not twist, tangle or kink. Automatically Expands up to 3 times its size when water is turned on.Automatically Contracts back in just seconds when water is turned off. Made from a tough, expandable inner hose and a folded outer hose made from super strong webbing, the Hose is like no other hose in the world. You'll be amazed at how much easier Hose makes your work around the house and yard!How it works.Simply turn the water on and watch the Hose grow. Turn the water off and the Hose contracts to its original length.No more struggling with heavy hoses – Hose has a light and kink-free design that weighs just one pound!Highlights:
  •          Easy to store, portable and lightweight
  •          Made from a tough, multi-layered expandable inner hose
  •          Great for patios, gardens, cars and more
  •          Inner hose : Natural Latex, EPDM, TPE. 
  •          Outer hose : High strength fabric.
Hose Size: 50 FT What's in the box:  
  1.   1x magic hose - 
    Simply turn the water on and the hose automatically expands up to three times its length. Turn the water off and the Magic Hose contracts back to a short length. The Magic Hose covered by the super-strong webbing outer layer which adds durability and resilience. 

  2.    Color: Green 
  3.    Material: Rubber
  4.    Expands up to 50 ft
  5.    Innovative design
  6.    It is made from 2 layers
  7.    Super-strong webbing outer layer
  8.   1x microfibre super mitt 
    - Once you team up with our Super Mitt, you'll wonder how you ever tackled your cleaning chores alone! He's so comfortable to use and the elastic cuff means that there's a snug fit on your hand. He can be used either dry or damp, when dry, the fibers will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because static charge from the woven shaped fibers attract the dust. When damp, the fibers use capillary action to attract dirt and water. The tiny fibres have micro-grooves which increase the surface area, meaning it's like a magnet for dust, dirt and liquids. 

    The shape of the Mitt and the long ultra-absorbent fibers mean that it's great for cleaning in corners and hard to reach areas and because the fibers are so soft, it will not harm delicate surfaces. 

    Why not team-up with the Super Mitt to tackle dusting in the house, cleaning the car interior, polishing the silverware, making your windows sparkle like new, or buffing the cars' bodywork to a dazzling shine.
  9.    Amazingly absorbent
  10.    Demolishes dust & dirt
  11.    Perfect for polishing
  12.    Superb for shining
  13.   1x coral sponge - 
  14.    High Quality
  15.    Material:Sponge
  16.    Color:Yellow
  17.    Natural shape.
  18.    Superior wear and durability.
  19.    A cotton multi-use, safe and NO scratches.
  20.    Scope: Paint, tires, wheels, rubber and other parts of the car wash skirts; Floor tiles, wall tiles, stone, ceramic sanitary ware and other items for cleaning
  21.   1x cleaning towels - 
    Superfine and super soft fiber is a kind of high quality, high technology textile material, because of very small diameter, so the bending stiffness is very small, soft fiber feel special, with strong cleaning function and waterproof breathable effect.

    Superfine fiber has many fine micro pores between fibers, the formation of capillary structure, if processed into towel fabric, it has high water absorption, washed hair with the towel can be quickly absorbed, make hair dry quickly. Can be used for  washing car, cleaning materials, multiple purposes.
  •          Soft and Absorbent
  •          Woven Selvages and Lock Stitched Hems Adds to the Durability
  •          Quicker Drying Times
  1.   1x water scraping plate - 
    Scraper vehienlar water, scraping plate auto glass wiper plate glass scraper water scraper
  2.   1x folding bucket -
     Losing the bulk makes one lighter to carry and saves space. Shed the excess baggage while retaining the water with this deal. 
  Watertight and durable
  1.   1x car foam king
     - Neutral washing powder foam armor King car washing liquid washing sperm washing agent wax powerful decontamination brightening varnish 50 grams
  2.   1x triangular bubble brush - 
    Brush with water use pp soft brush wool bifurcation , intensive brush wool bifurcation , the synchronization water switch , quick sealing , not to hurt the paint , strong decontamination brush with water major in car wipe surface . glass window , tile wall floor tiles .
Package's Dimensions: 33 x 36 x 18 cms

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