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Product description of CINAMTA Cinnamon Tea 200g

“CINAMTA with GREEN & BLACK TEA” is made using what nature intended; we use all natural ingredients to create the finest quality herbal tea available.

This is a great gifted idea for the lovers. Explore a distinctive range of 100% natural teas, from rich, indulgent blends to mellow, sophisticated flavors of cinnamon, all carefully blended to soothe and satisfy.

Our 100% natural product is from only the finest, sweetest cinnamon available in the country, so that consumers can enjoy a cup of aromatic Cinnamon tea throughout their day.


The “CINAMTA with GREEN & BLACK Tea” range offers number of tempting combinations blended to ensure a soothing sense of wellbeing, free from additives, artificial flavors of caffeine.

Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices. It has a very long history, beginning from early 13th Century both as a spice and as a medicine. It is a bark of Cinnamon which is made into Kibbled Cinnamon which is made into Kibbled Cinnamon which is very effective.

One of the oldest known spices, cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka where it thrives in the hot moist climate. Cinnamon is naturally sweet with s delightfully spicy fragrance due to the essential oils found in its bark. 95% of the world demand for Cinnamon is only produced in Sri Lanka because it is only in Sri Lanka that the sweetest Cinnamon is found.

Our product is a very special blend of the following those are; Ceylon High Grown Tea, Ceylon Low Grown Tea, Ceylon Mid Grown Tea, Ceylon Green Tea & Ceylon Cinnamon Kibbles.

The “CINAMTA with GREEN & BLACK Tea” was born for the sole purposes of making every human being healthier human brews to enjoy, with each one offering its own health benefits.


1. Unique and a quality product with the finest combination of Ceylon Cinnamon and Ceylon Tea, comprising 4 types of tea by 4 types of different characters, world famous for its Aroma and Strength, blended in the right composition is the greatest achievement in Blood Purification due to marked Antioxidants in the product.

2. Contains high volumes of Antioxidants that could increase the life span of humans, even though it is not conclusively proven that Antioxidant could do this, but this could positively control cell damage and reduce all the diseases of old age and improve the quality of life in the elderly people.

3. The fragrant, sweet and warm taste of Cinnamon with exceptional Ceylon Tea, now well known as a chemical free and a natural stimulant, acts on central nervous system and effect positively at every vital part of the body by vanquishing impotence by proving that this is a Superior Aphrodisiac, that arouses sexual desire in elders while developing vigor and improving intelligence in children as a Tonic or a Brain Booster.

4. CINAMTA is a very special Brain Tonic that boosts the activity of the brain by removing nervous tension and memory loss.

5. Due to sufficient Anti-inflammatory properties contained in CINAMTA will sufficiently reduce the chances of one of the most life threatening diseases of our time, such as Heart Disease, Heart Attack and Stroke caused by eating fried, fatty and processed food.

6. Due to very powerful many properties, including Astringent properties and without any calories in CINAMTAacts as a Guard and a Protector, not only to chase away the unwanted toxics and fat, even to remove fat & lose weight to shape up your figure. Improves the skin complexion too.

7. Several studies suggest that CINAMTA could be the 100% remedy to be without Diabetes for ones who are not diabetics, 70% for who have become diabetic and 50% for who have lived with diabetes for a long time, but due to development of the Pancreas by this, that start producing the necessary insulin may develop the situation to develop to a non-diabetic is the magic of this product.

8. This is a mouth freshener as it removes bad breath.

9. Cinnamon with Tea does not contain any calories therefore, an ideal beverage for calorie conscious to lose your weight & shape up your figure.

10. This is the remedy for High Blood Pressure, due to very low content of Sodium.

11. This helps in hydration of body tissues and contributes towards our daily fluid requirements.

12. This is an appetite stimulator and good for cough & sore throat.

13. Contains significant Antioxidant capacity than any other common vegetable or any other similar thing in the world.

14. Commonly consumed in food products were brought under the scrutiny of Global Scientists in recent times, where Cinnamon & Tea were only branded as having highest quality Antioxidant values at the bio medical research, carried out in world renowned laboratories, where they confirmed that Cinnamon & Tea have marked Antioxidant potential and benefits in alleviating the complication of many illness related to oxidative stress in humans.

15. Recent research has shown that ‘Tea’ the most consumed, after Water & Cinnamon with marked Antioxidant and other valuable properties have a great impact on balanced nutrition, that could significantly reduce the life threatening diseases and so many other illness such as Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps, Menstruation yeast infections cold, flue & digestive problems.

16. In a study published by researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland, Cinnamon reduced the proliferation of Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Cells.

17. In a study at Copenhagen University, patients given half a teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder combined with a tablespoon of Honey every morning before breakfast had significant relief in Arthritis pains after one week and could walk without pains within one month.

18. Cinnamon Bark’ is the most important part of the Cinnamon Tree that is peeled, dried, curled into small tight rod shapes which are called Cinnamon Sticks, those which are broken into the particles of kibbles are very rich in Cinnamon Oil which is the main cause for efficacy.  ‘Cinnamaldyhyde’ content in exclusive Cinnamon is around 87% which is an excellent report for healthy conscious in the world as Ceylon Cinnamon is the best, due to nature gifted climatic conditions.

19. Research has revealed that Cinnamon Tea could increase the activity of detoxifying, activity of cancer as this has Anti-Cancer properties too.

20. As ‘CINAMTA’ is in the right composition of Cinnamon & Tea, cancer cells could be committing suicide.

21. Recent studies show that Cinnamon enhances the ability of insulin to metabolize glucose, helping to control the blood sugar levels.

22. Another benefit of Cinnamon appears to be a reduction in LDL Cholesterol, the so called ‘Bad Cholesterol’. A study published in Diabetic Care, a medicinal journal indicated that LDL Cholesterol levels were reduced to 7% from 27%. Total Cholesterol levels appeared to be decreased.

23. Cinnamon may also pack a powerful punch against microbes. Research at ‘Kansas State University’ demonstrated that Cinnamon fights E.coli Bacteria. The study examined Cinnamon used in unpasteurized apple juice. When used alone or in combination with typical food preservatives, Cinnamon knocked the amount of E.coli Bacteria in the apple juice to almost undetectable levels.

24. Among herbal remedies, Cinnamon is very safe to use. Keep the dose low and follow recommendations from your health care provider. Cinnamon should be moderately mixed with food to avoid an upset stomach.

25. Moderate amounts of Cinnamon may help your cholesterol too.

26. If all that above mentioned in very brief are still not enough, the latest information reveal that doctors have performed studies that show, just smelling Cinnamon improves our memory, brain, impairments and performance of certain tasks.

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