Tobi Steam Iron Inns Handheld Portable Multifunction Garment Travel Steamer

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  • Remove wrinkles, creases and odor from garments multipurpose handheld steamer for removing wrinkles, creases and odor from garments
  • Tough enough for linens, safe enough for silk. Safe to use on different types of materials and fabrics
  • Electric iron steam brush iron on the basis of traditional updated, an increase of more than functional, modern life is a good helper in each household
  • No more burning or damaging fabrics with heavy, unwieldy irons. Compact and portable, great for travel
  • Colours might differ from what ordered due to availability of stock
  • Lightweight hand held steamer heats up in seconds for a quick & convenient use.
  • Compact & portable, great for travel.
  • 2 0V 1500W

Alot of people travel a lot because of their profession and because of this reason; they carry an iron with themselves to press their clothes to de-wrinkle them. This is not an easier task; because their iron is a heavy product and it is not convenient. Luckily, you can use a product of its kind as the Tobi Travel Steamer.

The Tobi Travel Steamer is a revolutionary product that helps to eliminate the wrinkles and creases of any fabrics in less amount of time. This device works by generating the steam that in turn uses to remove the wrinkles of any fabric in minutes. You will get the same results as if you have pressed your clothes with an iron.

One of the biggest advantages of the Tobi Travel Steamer is its portability factor; means you can easily take it with you on a distant journey without any problem. Another advantage of this extraordinary device is that it is equally suitable for almost any fabric.

You can even use it on delicate fabrics like silk without having any problem.

The Tobi Travel Steamer comes with a 7.5 ft large size power cord that enables the user to use this device in almost any part of the room without using an extension cable. The water is filled in the transparent chamber that allows the user to easily determine the quantity of water left in the chamber, so you can easily refill the bottle as per the requirement. The travel steamer has a capacity of 100 ml water in a single go.

The use of the steamer is quite easy; you just have to fill the water chamber according to the desired level. Now you have to connect the switch to the wall socket. The Tobi Travel Steamer only takes 3 minutes before generating the steam. After 3 minutes, you can easily use this massage to de-wrinkle your fabrics. The other benefit of the Tobi Travel Steamer is that it not only removes wrinkles in the fabric, but it also helps to remove the pungent and unpleasant smell from the fabric.

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