Sunwa DT830D Digital Multimeter

LKR 900

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This is a basic digital multi-meter that can used for learning and work purpose. You can measure resistance, current, DC voltage, AC voltage, transistors and diodes also. This multi-meter comes with small buzzer. 

  • Battery Type 9V PP3 Battery (Included)
  • Current 200uA (Resolution 100nA)
  • 2000uA (Resolution 1uA)
  • 20mA (Resolution 10uA)
  • 200mA (Resolution 100uA)
  • 10A (Resolution 10mA)
  • Diode Forward bias voltage drop
  • Frequency As a Signal generator 
  • 5V peak-peak 50kΩ impedance
  • Operating Voltage 9 V
  • Package 1 x Sunwa DT830D Digital Multimeter
  • 1 x Pair of Multi-meter Probe
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • Resistance 200Ω (Resolution 0.1Ω)
  • 2000Ω (Resolution 1Ω)
  • 20KΩ (Resolution 10Ω)
  • 200KΩ (Resolution 100Ω)
  • 2000KΩ (Resolution 1KΩ)
  • Special Features Buzzer (less than 100Ω)
  • Transistor NPN and PNP Hfe - 1000
  • Base current approx 10uA VCE approximately 2.8V
  • Voltage DC Voltage 
  • 200mV (Resolution 100uV)
  • 2000mV (Resolution 1mV)
  • 20V (Resolution 10mV)
  • 200V (Resolution 100mV)
  • 1000V (Resolution 1V)

  • AC Voltage
  • 200V (Resolution 100mV)
  • 750V (Resolution 1V)
  • Warranty 6 Month

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