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JAMU SEDAP MALAM  is a herbal legacy of a very nourished ancestry for women. Made from herbs of choice from the Middle East and part of the country of Nusantara

100% natural ingredients

✔ Give surprise to the husband
✔ Vaginal Tightening 
✔ Ties husband's longing to the user
✔ Refresh the body from exhaustion
✔ Abdominal bloating problem
✔ Treat Menstruation Problem 
✔ Tightening the internal muscles after delivery
✔ Perfect nightly satisfaction
✔ Deflate the stomach & form the ideal body piece
✔ No pain when it comes to & menstruation
✔ Strengthen breasts & backs
✔ Treat White Discharge immediately.
✔ Treating vaginal bleeding.

🔴Understand the most important part of women.
Various diseases that can also be overcome with these herbs: 
cysts, Mioma, leucorrhoea, itching, bleeding, toxoplasma, herpes, uterine cancer, muscle burn / abdominal pain, hernia, hemorrhoids, HIV, endometris, POlip

1 bottle contains 120 tablets, only 1 bottle  can give surprise to you and your partner.


For treatment: 2 × 2 pill (morning and evening before meals)

For exercise: 3 × 3 pill (before meals)

🌸Can also be inserted into the vagina to cleanse the vagina outward and inside organs. 
But do not be surprised after putting it in the vagina then there will be sand powder on its first day, after that there will be some sort of tissue coming out of the vagina. This shows that his watch is working to clear the area.


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